Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical best deal

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Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical best deal
Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical


I researched a reasonably priced elliptical for some time before finally narrowing it down between this Proform and one by Schwinn. Both in the same price range, both similar reviews. The Schwinn though lacked the upright handles that double as pulse monitors and a grip if you don’t want the upper body workout that comes with the moving arms. Sometimes I want that part of the workout, sometimes I don’t, so it was an important feature for me, more like what you’d see in a gym. 

Assembling it by myself took just at 2 hours, though it was not at all difficult. Instructions were quite clear. It did take a good 20 minutes or so of that time just to unpack all the pieces and parts from their very thorough packaging and lay them out to begin assembly. There are lots of places in the instructions where it says “having another person hold this in place….”, but having a second person was really not necessary. 

I was surprised at how STOUT this thing is – the pieces are heavy steel, not aluminum or thin metal like I’ve seen on lots of gym equipment in this price range. I also like that the steel is powdercoated instead of slick coated – it will hide wear and tear over time a lot better. 

I agree with many reviewers who said it’s crazy that this thing doesn’t come with the a/c adapter, but for now I’m just using batteries instead of spending another $ 15-25 for an adapter, versus $ 2 at a bigbox store for 4 size D batteries. 

The action is VERY, very smooth – surprisingly so, really. I have worked out on elliptical machines at big gyms that were jerkier than this unit. Very smooth action, the stride length is perfect for my 5’6″ frame and I don’t get ANY side-to-side wobbling. 

I know some reviewers have noted issues with seeing the dispay but I don’t have that problem at all – don’t know if Proform has improved the display lately or it’s just that I have it in a back room with really good overhead lighting, but it’s clear as day – not a problem at all. The fan is weak but not a problem since I have a freestanding fan in my workout room anyway. The pulse monitor is spot on, but I will remind anyone not used to such things that, just like ANY pulse monitor on a piece of equipment, it isn’t instantaneous – you might need to keep your hands in place on the monitor for a few seconds for it to fully register your pulse accurately (ie, the first time I laid my hands on the pulse monitor, standing still on the pedals, just to see how it worked, it registered my pulse as 167 (!) – but then after about 2 seconds it registered it as 63, which I knew was accurate (i’d checked it with a pulse rate monitor)). 

Overall, I’m EXTREMELY pleased. I purchased this because my aging ankles couldn’t stand the pounding of running on a treadmill anymore, and an elliptical is absolutely the closest you can get to running without actually enduring the pounding of running. I hihghly recommend.

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