How to Increase Your Sales on eBay and Make More Money!!!

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How to Increase Your Sales on eBay and Make More Money!!!

I wanted to answer many of the questions that I see in the groups about increasing your sales on eBay. These are just the way I do things. They aren’t law and if you do things differently…
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How to Make More Money — Today, we’re going to be talking about how to make MORE money. Something that I think a few of you might want to know. More importantly,.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Before you continue…Check out… How To Earn $1,000 or more per month online as an Amazon Affiliate

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50 Responses to “How to Increase Your Sales on eBay and Make More Money!!!”

  1. PickerSmerf says:

    Hi G-Daddy and thanks for another great lesson !!! When I listening to you
    I feel like fresh energy flying in to my brain and makes me do it more
    listing etc….etc… you know what I’m talking about. I need to go back to
    your old videos and find one you talk about – how to read prices on tags.
    Anyway, thanks again and say Hi to G-mama…

  2. Katie Patton says:

    2 dislikes in 18 minutes??? so dumb. Hit the like button!

  3. 1miltond says:

    Great video I like the honesty and sincere and respectable approach and
    coarse the info thank you 

  4. larry visgar says:

    do you have a video on shipping? I having an issue with our shipping
    prices. i’d like to sell at the standard of everything else but the
    shipping slits the throat. i go priority flat rate envelope. and it’s
    $5.75 and i can just imagine shipping in a box. any ideas would be great

  5. startWinGO says:

    This has to be one of the most valuable tip-packed videos I have seen on
    youtube for resellers looking for tips on eBay. Great video Dave +Gilldaddy

  6. cattledog101 says:

    Hi Gilldaddy, just subscribed yesterday, enjoy your thoughts on all of
    this, good motivating info. I know someone who lost their job and hasn’t
    been able to find work. Perhaps this person can find dignity in earning
    some cash like you and I do selling on eBay. I do have a question. If you
    don’t mind me asking you, what do you think about a listed item that has
    been watched by a group of 5 or 6 , but doesn’t sell. Then, after
    re-listing more people watch but don’t buy, but they watch. Think these can
    be other sellers? Would you lower the price as they watch? I just have a
    Basic store and don’t know if I can make any sales happen. Any thoughts
    would be very cool. Thanks Gilldaddy, shout out to Gillmomma. 

  7. PackerBacker 4Life says:

    hey Gill family.. great video.. have you guys ever thought about purchasing
    liquidation loads? i am a member of a few places where i can buy
    truckloads of customer returned merchandise for pennies on the dollar. i
    haven’t made a purchase yet, mainly just window shopping. i was just
    curious to know if you guys have looked into that at all

  8. Vegas Flips says:

    Another awesome video so much good info given in this one. Excited to see
    how far you guys are able to take Private labeling. Blessed to call you
    guys friends & thankful for all the support!

  9. Alberto S says:

    This video was too long.. dislike…. no jk I really don’t know why ppl are
    disliking it especially since it was just posted.

    So yea great video. One thing that you said about Craigslist, my opinion is
    if the ad is over a week or or more, they are more inclined to be
    negotiable even if it says firm. They just want to get rid of the item at
    that point usually.

    Oh and speaking of porn, is that why you stay late now? To watch porn on
    the huge projector? Hahaha that thing is awesome 

  10. nice2you2PickerOhio says:

    So excited for you guys! Glad your doing so well. Really enjoy seeing life
    changing events in people’s life’s . Really have enjoyed all the content
    you have put out from the beginning. Plz. Keep us up to date. 

  11. Harts Pickers AKA Harts motor company says:

    That vacation setting has never worked for me. I hate auctions as a buyer
    and seller. Good Video little long. Lol Nice to see a video from you

  12. Michael Stone says:

    Great information I will definitely watch this again just to make sure that
    I get everything. I am also glad that Sara liked the homemade candle. I
    just wish that I had more of that scent, that was the last of that batch.

  13. jourdanbe says:

    As far as editing photos, you should edit/enhance photos if you are selling
    something that you have multiples. If I have 2000 widgets, then yes I am
    going to make the best photos that I can and this will involve photo
    editing via photoshop. If it is just a single item than you are correct no
    need to waste time on editing. 

  14. Norman Bates says:

    I don’t mess around with best offers too much.. But… no seller really
    knows how Cassini works and there is speculation that you jump up in the
    search results when you get an offer(s). You can just decline silly offers
    or counter an offer with a price you are good with. Like you said, whatever
    works for your business model. Something to think about though. I liked
    the video. Nice job.

  15. startWinGO says:

    @0:55 I saw Beatallica live. It was one of the coolest live shows I have
    ever seen in a local bar!

  16. specialCraftsandmore says:

    A good one is this one that will help you list fast on eBay

  17. The Highschool Entrepreneur says:

    WWGD – What Would Gilldaddy Do?

  18. veriappelsiini says:

    Thank you for the video.
    Your stuff will do fine in recession. People are more stingy now and they
    are looking for opportunities fixing the existing stuff instead of buying
    new ones.
    However, it is prudent to have plan B just in case. Looks like you are
    selling well and your costs are pretty much close to 0 – you are making a
    lot of profit. If I were you (perhaps you do it already) I would put some
    of those profits to sidelines in more traditional investments like paying
    down the debt, buying stocks, bonds, gold and silver bullion etc. 

  19. Diana Phillips says:

    Thank you both for another awesome video and more great advice. I started
    back on EBay in September after a 10 year hiatus and by following all of
    your suggestion except the Auctiva thing, I have done really well in my
    opinion. I profited over $1800 after fees, shipping costs and supplies last
    month on EBay and Amazon. I have 200 listings in my store. I just upgraded
    my store to the Premium and I have a goal of having 500 listings in the
    next couple months. Without your great advice I do not think it would have
    happened. Gillmomma helped me sell a DVD/VCR combo on Amazon that was
    sitting for weeks. Once I did what she told me it sold within 24 hours.
    Thank you again and I wish you both all the very best with your new venture
    and your warehouse.

  20. Thelma Thrift says:

    Excellent tips as always- I appreciate your knowledge.

  21. Judith Gorham-Nye says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I’m trying to sort it all out to get
    my business up and running.

  22. Rodolfo Aguero says:

    Few word????!!!!!, helll not, that was a lot of word,,, lot of help, I
    think u’re amazing, u put a lot of info on ur videos, u just made my day,
    thanks a lot, I’m learning so much from ur videos, I haven’t start selling
    yet,but very soon I’ll, do u think I should start out on eBay,??or I can
    start straight to FBA, privet level??, thanksssss

  23. My2Cents says:

    Ohhhh I wish my outlet had cart sales…:) $$$

  24. Items N At Auctions says:

    We have an outlet here as well (thank god) and they trickle out the table
    changes. Between every half hour or hour depending what time of day it is.
    I think it’s great they do that because between changes I sort through what
    I picked and gives me time to organize them in my cart. I’ll spend usually
    5+ hours there and get at least two carts full. I just wish they had more
    outlets around.

    I’ve gotta thank you two for giving some invaluable tips. Some of the
    random things you guys pick up have really sold well for me. Keep up the
    good work!

  25. Rich Plotner says:

    I’ve called Ebay a few times in the past to report that another seller was
    using my title (I created it), my description AND photos of my current
    listing and using them in their own listing. Ebay shut those listings down
    – it’s against the rules to copy titles, descriptions or photos of “current
    listings”. But they told me it’s absolutely ok to copy from “Sold”
    listings, which is what I do ALL the time. I pick the listing I like, then
    click on “Sell one now”, and the title, category and item details are all
    automatically embedded in my new listing. Great time-saver. Just make
    sure the seller hasn’t relisted the item – I’ve run into that before

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  27. Md sohel says:

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  28. Ujala Shrestha says:

    Hmm, interesting video. But I can totally guarantee profit from Pay Me Try it out.

  29. Midas Touch says:

    man, there’s a lot of commercials here

  30. Michael Lessing says:

    I liked the vid. It’s not an Anthony Robins event but it is a catalyst to
    help some of us who are just looking for little nuggets. Like to be more,
    do more and get more out of life and our experiences.
    I took away that everyone has value to ad to a situation or at least the
    commentator made me feel I had exceptional value to offer. (A motivating
    Factor). When talking to people give them what they are looking for was a
    key nugget, we all can use. But you must believe you are truly providing a
    value. So the Be Heart Centered is a nugget that some can use. I would
    suggest that anyone build up personal confidence, I meant know without a
    doubt, I mean really trust that you are giving, selling or providing
    something that offers the user a belief that he or she is really the
    benefactor of your product or service and when your client or customer
    acknowledges or experiences the value, they will call on you again and
    perhaps refer you to their friend or associates.

    In closing Noah has embarked on a path to offer value with the expectation
    that at some point, his belief system will prevail for him. He’s making a
    presentation and not asking for a hand out, he’s being real with his

    Pricing yourself and the things you do according to the transformational

    Those words spoken, gave me a lift, and it is what influenced me to make a

    Slapping hands together and lets’ make some money, is a feel good harmonics
    that always causes me inspiration.

    Who and how you giving them what they are looking for begins with you
    having belief in yourself. Enrich others and you will become enriched.
    Know the value you offer is so exceptional that I would gladly pay a
    premium to have you achieve the outcome that will give me that
    transformation value.

    Be heart centered, and always learning…..

    Know that Perseverance wins the day….

  31. Onto hin says:

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  32. Dump The Dollar says:

    Good advice for sure. Value Yourself!

  33. Ronald Thompson( says:

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  34. Midas Touch says:

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    unfortunately we really don’t have that much value to offer

    this isn’t limited thinking….just how it is


    someone has to pick up the garbage, unplug a drain, turn a bolt

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  37. ICOD73 says:

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  38. john k says:

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  39. Iamlordeyayaya says:

    I thought it said “how to make money using your ex” 🙁

  40. chelilandia says:

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  41. Makemeadiva says:

    Luvd it!

  42. Papia Sultana says:

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  43. MrThenewscene says:

    sorry bra, not feeling it

  44. Ricardo Camacho says:

    Look up: Bullshit. Look down: Bullshit. Maybe if you cut the shit and go
    straight to the bull point, you’ll actually be helping people.

  45. Sean Teng says:

    Thanks Noah Hammond!!!!!!!!!

  46. tmichaeltradenik says:

    Value for value. It’s the heart and soul of a true free market system.
    Great work, Noah!

  47. Monica Cyr says:

    Honestly, I just discovered your videos today, mainly on the vegan eating
    lifestyle.. but I’m just going to keep you playing in the background for as
    long as I can today, because you are SO motivating, and positive. Great
    job! Good for you 🙂

  48. samsul alom says:

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