How Mystery Shoppers Earn More Money

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How Mystery Shoppers Earn More Money

As a Secret Shopper, you can make more money. Here are 3 ways: 1) to build a number of companies you work for, 2) to find out what jobs pay more, and 3) to get your own customers and pocket most of the revenue.

1. How do you build the number of companies working?

First of all, to get the door to a mystery shopper application is filled in such a way that makes an impression. I have a mystery shopping company. Only about one third of the candidates receives the program. Why? As we point in his recent visit to the shops and restaurants. I’m looking for grammar, spelling, and objective facts. Better writing / English language skills, the more impressed I am. Only a third of people who pass that test. What does this mean for you? If other companies behave like us, if you compile a good, can not have a lot of competition for jobs.

The second time you have a door, do a good job.

If a mystery shopper company is doing an excellent job of reporting, and it is reliable, I tend to lean more about them. This means they have more work. From our point of view, much work means: after all the instructions exactly, if a section is necessary, make sure it leaves no question (going back and forth to get more details of a customer slows our billing process) there is no acronyms, all sentences are complete and use the Google toolbar spell or another spell check program to correct spelling errors. The less editing / correction of reports, the more we like shopping and use.

Also, if a mystery shopper company to show interest in bidding, accepting most of those who send them, that the signals are concerned, and we trust them more.

Now you have a lot of jobs that come from a source. You are now building “up”. Now build “to” by duplicating your efforts through work with many companies mystery as you can. Search job boards, such as jobs, offices to find several companies that have jobs in your area.

2. Another way to make more money is to find out what kind of jobs pay more.

You can quickly scan a job in your area by going to the home page and go to “Find available jobs” link at the bottom. It will take you to a page where you can enter your zip code to see local listings. The same exercise can be done in the workplace remains, you can use the search near the box. A quick analysis of jobs in these sites will reveal what types of jobs that pay the most.

3. A third way to make more money is to get your own customers. The advantages are that you do all the income of a particular store (less than what you pay for other shoppers who work for you), and most contracts mystery in progress, and to more places, which means you will earn more money, and many more stores. What skills do you need?

1) Ability to present yourself in a safe way to potential customers. As you probably already a mystery shopper, you are probably aware, and it will show.

2) The ability to do the job. Of course, there’s more to get your own customers, but it gives you a taste of the possibilities.

Secret ShopperMystery Shopper Company are sales and service improvement specialist. Specialising in bespoke mystery shopping programmes. Try us free today.

Before you continue…Check out… How To Earn $1,000 or more per month online as an Amazon Affiliate

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