GT6 | Best Way To Earn Money | 09/12/2013

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At 1:31, I meant to say 3 minutes and 50 seconds* Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: http://www.twitch…

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25 Responses to “GT6 | Best Way To Earn Money | 09/12/2013”

  1. Matt Athletic says:

    I am stuck earning money in international b and I am not the best racer to
    beat the championship so do u have any ideas other than the red bull

  2. Brandy McCoy says:

    3 minuets 126 thousand $ 5 logins redbull kart race first 1

  3. kawayuri28 says:

    Nascar cup twin ring montegi is better, 3 min 10 seconds and before opdate
    51.000 and now 84.600 without login bonus, with 200% you can get 190.000
    per 3 min 10 seconds!

  4. Rhys Hodgson says:

    I got the merc gt stealth edition and fully tune engine and transmission.
    Works great and small cost!

  5. elias franzon says:

    the best is Nurburgrin 24 minutes with 200%, you have 607.000

  6. Kai Hall says:

    fastest way to get money is the redbull challenge :)

  7. the Driftmeister says:

    left a dislike 😉
    wink wink

  8. Zeek Joe says:

    Can you post a video on your Gtr Black Edition tune?

  9. kevin vreuls says:

    I do red bull x standard races you get 248.000 cr. in 3 min

  10. Homoki Zsolt says:

    My Ferrari Enzo 503km/h 

  11. Dalton Davenport says:

    What car should I use to complete the gt all stars championship on
    international b?

  12. Himura Kenshin says:

    Can you take off the wing on standard cars? Or is that option only
    available for the premiums…?

  13. gareth tyler says:

    Ok Dubs. Thanks for the reply. Goodbye 

  14. Ohlong Johnson says:

    I used the like the wind cup in gt5 for my money farming.

  15. Rush .Rush says:

    Ferrari FXX reach 499km/h

  16. Zoran Tot-Arvai says:

    The first race in Like The Wind, on indianapolis, What car do you suggest I
    use? The AMG Vision GT is fast enough but doesn’t take corners as fast as
    the other race cars.

  17. Jack Hall says:

    Hey, DUBS Another Great video add me PSN Jackgil28

  18. Daniel Maywood says:

    If i could i would like it 1 million times thanx man

  19. REVingpranker srt says:

    Thanks bro.

  20. Saif Naimi says:

    Please i need hellp with mustang shelby transmission tuning what should I

  21. DICKdeNORMATITY says:

    red bull juniors championship is worth 1.3million for 19 laps and it really

  22. HuntingForHumans says:

    The Viper fully tuned is 1345HP it does this race a little faster but
    thanks for the tip on the GT-R

  23. Christian John Pascual says:

    I keep racing with that I always win 70240 credits per race

  24. DrowsyPotato says:

    You earned yourself a sub ! You got some good videos man :)

  25. Jai Sebastiani says:

    i love the GTR Black Edition its awesome

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