Earning Online – Options Vs Limitations

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Earning Online – Options Vs Limitations

Ever since the internet became a reliable platform for marketing goods and services, the whole gamut of economy took a sharp turn towards what we now call e-commerce. The internet has opened up so many windows of opportunity that one can simply make a living through internet and without any material investment. Following are just few of those opportunities you can take to make a handsome income.

Article Writing

Writing articles require good writing skills and power of expression. But earning through writing articles is by far the most rewarding in terms of compensations. You can showcase your articles in your own blog and earn from content-sensitive advertising programs like AdSense, AdBrite etc. You can also submit articles to article publishing websites and earn handsome revenue. Examples: Associated Content, Triond, Knol etc.

Publishing Advertisements

You may have noticed those little boxes of ads around the articles, news, contents of the websites and blogs. There are several advertisement publishing programs through which you can earn handsome cash. Google AdSense is one such program which pays for clicks on the ads Google intelligently publish in your website/blog basing on the content of them. You have to sign-up for such programs and have a blog/website of your own where ads can be published. Siging up with such programs are usually free. Examples: AdSense, AdBrite etc.

PTCs and PTRs

There are hundreds of Paid-to-click(PTC) and Paid-to-review(PTR) websites that pays for clicking ad links. After getting the free membership, you need to click on the sponsored ad links and view the linked website for a specific time (anything between 15 seconds to 2 minutes). PTC and PTR websites pay you very less (usually 0.01 cents per link) and they have a minimum payout limit (normally $ 10). A word of caution – many PTC and PTR websites ultimately turn out to be scams after the weeks and months of clicking. Examples: NeoBux, 1centemails, EssentialPTR, TuiBux etc.

Online Games

This sounds like fun! You play online games and you are paid for it. Like PTC/PTR these websites pay little over a long time and there are scams too. Example: inboxDollar, WorldWinner etc.

Affiliate Programs

You can also earn from being a member of an affiliate program. There are plenty of such programs on the internet.

Online Surveys

Many websites allow you to earn through surveys they sponsor. You’re taken along multiple pages of surveys with those MCQ type questions. Signing up with these survey programs is usually free.

Online Search

There are some sites that award you points for carrying out logical/relevant searches using a specific search engine. Later you can redeem those points into cash. Example: Scour.

Social Networking

Some social networking sites like myLot allow you to earn cash for posting discussions, comments, photos etc. You can participate in these discussions basing on the hundreds of interests of your own choice.

-Mohammad Yousuf is a freelance article and web-content writer

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