How To Block Spam Blog Comments Without Plugin

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block spam blog comments without plugin

Are you being tormented by unwanted spammy comments on your WordPress-based blog ?

If so, I have the solution ! And, the best part : you won`t need to install another WP plugin which will slow down your blog`s loading time.

Here is the fix :

1. In your WP admin section, go to Settings, then choose the Discussion option.

2. Under “Default Article Settings” un-check the box next to “Allow people to post comments on new articles”

3. Under “Other comment settings” you will want to put a check in the boxes next to “Comment author must fill out name and email” and “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” and “Automatically close comments on articles older than” and for this option, set it to “older than 1 day”.

4. Under “Before a comment appears” put a check in the box next to “Comment author must have a previously approved comment”.

5. Under “Comment Moderation” set it to “Hold a comment in the queue if it contains 1 or more links”.

6. Under “Comment Blacklist” section, add these words :

— In addition to those words listed above, you can also add others, especially vulgar words. I have noticed by adding the 16 words listed above, plus another 6 or 7 vulgar words (which I will not write here for obvious reasons) that unwanted blog spam has dropped to almost zero.

After completing the 6 tips shown above, you should not need any WP plugin to block spam comments on your blog.

Have a great day and please share this advice with your fellow bloggers.

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