Earn Money Online With a Good Idea

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Earn Money Online With a Good Idea

Where are you going to get that darned good idea for your next project, that cracking plot that will speed your business onto the next stage? Actually, you will find it in your head – well your mind to be precise. In fact you already have more than one good idea in your mind, there are a whole host of them!

The other night I drove home and parked up. I got out of the car and just stopped. I found myself looking up at the most beautifully clear night sky. As I stood there wondering about the sheer vastness of the universe (a rather large topic to contemplate) more and more stars became apparent. The more I stopped and looked, the more I saw.

Good ideas are like invisible stars. The more you look, the more apparent they become.

Human beings tend to naturally gravitate towards the negatives of life much more easily than the positives. We have got a brilliant way of thinking “I can not” rather than “I can”. So, consider what might happen if you closed your computer down after reading this and started star-gazing for good ideas?

I believe this is when you will start to uncover the gem, the shining star of an idea that will help your internet marketing business move forward.

Your computer is a part of your business, but it can also be the enemy. It is the enemy in disguise sometimes, leading you along a garden path you had no intention of walking. I am sure like me you have been guilty of opening your machine ready to tackle a project or job and 2 hours or 2 weeks later you still haven not done it – why? Because your attention got diverted.

So switch the darned thing off and do the equivalent of star-gazing!

Star-gazing translates into thinking. An unusual concept sometimes in the world of internet marketing! So think of ideas, consider what you think is a good idea you have seen recently. Allow your mind to contemplate ideas you’ve come across that struck you as viable.

Then write a list of those ideas. Then write a sub-list for each idea listing what you need to do and in the order you wish to do it. Then, and only then, switch the computer back on and keep focused – do one thing at a time from your list and cross each item off as it’s accomplished – in the order of your list!

This will result in action, and you know what they say about action – it speaks louder than words!!

So use your time wisely, think about what you want to do and how you want to do

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How To Earn $1,000 or more per month as an Amazon Affiliate

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