A Most Vital Tip – Home Business Labs – John Lavenia

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A Most Vital Tip - Home Business Labs - John Lavenia

See the full article at http://www.myinspiredmedia.com/articles/a-most-vital-tip/ A most vital tip for new entrepreneurs and marketers in home business… John Lavenia discusses one of the…

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20 Responses to “A Most Vital Tip – Home Business Labs – John Lavenia”

  1. Gordon Wat says:

    Now that was a damn good video!! I am going to have to steal it from you
    and use the exact same thing,, LOL

  2. Pauline Rockwood says:

    You couldn’t have made this message more clear for me nor could I have
    found it at a better time. I also love your style of delivery, straight
    and to the point. I loved this John. Thanks so much. I’m leading all the

  3. RoseMarie Reid says:

    Thank you for sharing John, brilliant information for anybody who wants to
    become successful. 

  4. Ted Sikkink says:


  5. Louis leo says:

    The best 17 minutes for my brain. Thanks John>

  6. John Irvine says:

    I think quite often when we think we are blazing the trails, when are in
    fact in the “following mode!” Your brief video was a kick up the behind,
    and a direct reminder of how to “decide from the outset”, and not sometime
    down the road after much avoidable frustration of inaffectiveness, and
    limited results! Thanks :-)

  7. Felix Lie says:

    A very powerful message and detail elaboration from you John on Napoleon
    Hill message. Thanks for sharing this, this is GOLD!

  8. Heidiranae2009 says:

    Very inspiring. Thank you!

  9. Carolyn Drozdiak says:

    Spot on, sir! a refreshing refresher, thanks!

  10. Edward Blakeslee says:

    Worthwhile leadership advice that I can understand and implement in my own
    quest for the higher level of entrepreneurship needed to support my
    Thank you John

  11. John Pike says:

    Totally outstanding video John about being “At Cause” and not “At Effect”.
    I’ve just been reading about being a “Future Bringer”, and creating some
    videos on the fly while being on vacation. Thanks for jam packing this
    video with so much value. Profound nuggets all in one place.

  12. Susan McLaughlin says:

    Brillant! I became a leader today. 

  13. Theuns Serfontein says:

    Thx John you inspire me evertime I listen to you and the great thing is I
    not just Listen but Apply and it work . 

  14. Sheilah Mitchell says:

    this is an outstanding video John. I’m planning to send it to someone I
    know in Perth, Aus. He has just been retrenched and is humming and ha-ing
    about joining Dubli.

  15. steve cook says:

    John, thank you. This applies to business and life. 

  16. Richard Dickens says:

    Your Awesome John

  17. Andrew and Kelly from Your Service Zone says:

    Great video John! Thank you for sharing your experience. I know for Kelly
    and I this change in mindset as the catalyst for our success in this
    business….having NEVER had success in the past. It is like switching on a
    light when you do this…everything becomes clear and visible!

  18. Lucy Robinson says:

    Thank you for sharing great thing.Cheers.Lucy

  19. Brandy Friend says:

    VERY powerful, thanks John

  20. iqbal ahmed Nakhwa says:

    Valuable business.

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